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Isaac bit down a bit hard on his lower lip, mainly because he’s trying to avoid the embarrassing sounds and moans that he’s sure will escape his lips as a result of what Scott’s doing. He knows just how sensitive his neck is, and that’s the first thing the alpha went for when they’d pulled out of the kiss. Isaac doesn’t protest, though, instead gripping into Scott’s shirt and allowing him to mark and suck as he pleased, closing his eyes and just focusing on the feeling of Scott’s lips against his skin. Because as much as he hated the teasing at his neck, he’d missed Scott’s marks far too much—he’d just missed feeling like he was his far too much.

He lets out a low breath of a chuckle at Scott’s words, I know, I know—of course he knew, he’d practically announced it Isaac’s first day back, back in the loft. “You always knew…” He murmurs. “I guess.. I knew too, I just tried to forget,” He admits. The beta whimpers when he feels Scott pull back and licks his lips, staring back down at him a bit nervously as he feels Scott’s eyes on him. Roaming over his features; it’s almost intimidating, but because it’s Scott, it isn’t. Because Isaac loves it when Scott looks at him, he’s always got this look of admiration in his eyes.

A small smile makes its way onto Isaac’s lips when Scott mentions his hair. He hadn’t done anything drastic, but it had grown enough to show the faint curls at the tips—well, when he hadn’t tamed it with the insane amount of gel product like he had been for the passed few days. “Yeah, you always did like it when it curled..” He murmurs, running his hands up over Scott’s shoulders so he could lean his body down a bit. “But you shouldn’t be one to talk, have you seen the mess you’ve grown on your head?” He snorts, running his hands into the back of Scott’s hair and tugging on it gently. “And your chin,” He chuckles, pecking the stubble which had seemed to be present since the day Isaac had arrived.


He smiles up at him, still craning his neck to get closer, he wants to memorize every little thing that’s changed, get reacquainted with everything Isaac, work out how they’ve changed as a unit and explore how they work together. That breath of laughter pulls a sigh from his lips, content and pleased that the other is finally accepting this, finally letting Scott back in. 

"Mmhm," He affirms with a hum, "And I couldn’t forget. I couldn’t even- I-” His face colors and he ducks his head, shaking it with a laugh, figuring that was something Isaac didn’t need to know, “Never mind.”

He continues to take Isaac in, unwinding his hands from the wolf’s waist to set them over his front, exploring the form of his chest through his dress shirt and raising a brow, “Work out, Lahey?” Because fuck, no one’s chest should be that firm. That was, like, illegal, he swears. And then he’s thinking of all the other places he wants to explore with his mouth, Isaac’s chest definitely high up on that list, once he’s done with the expanse of his neck. 

Isaac’s eyes still dart about like they used to, a tell that he’s thinking and thinking too much. His cheekbones are impossibly higher, even more defined, and he’s all angles and ethereal beauty now, having ditched his teenage lanky-ness somewhere along the way in the past years. 

"Yeah, I still do." He lifts a hand from his chest, threading his fingers though the hair at the nape of his neck and lets out a snort. "I’m complimenting you, dude. And then you call my hair a mess? And hey! Shaving is hard!" He’d given up shaving all that often after he’d started growing facial hair. It was too inconvenient. All it took was one shift into his wolf-form and it was back again.  He settles back against the cushions under Isaac’s palms, raising a brow. "So if I stay tonight," He begins, scratching lightly at the wolf’s scalp and voice bedroom-soft, "what happens tomorrow?" 


"My hand slipped, I swear!" 


"That’s what they all say.” 

[ OPEN ]


      “Well it’s not. Spells involve reading shit out loud and all that junk. I just kinda wave my hand and hope for the best.” The young witch replied honestly. She then chuckled lightly, before rolling those hazel eyes of hers as she pulled herself to her feet. “I know I am. Now, come on, we better start looking.”  

"Oh." He pauses, eyes flicking over to his friend. "That still sounds like spells to me.” He shrugs, also moving to his feet. “Wont take long, I-” A beat. “Pretty sure I can smell it. It’s- Do you have a basement?” 

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[text] No, stay home. I’ll come to yours. 
[text] And that would be good. But you both make me happy. So yeah. Be there soon. 
[text] Love you Lyds. 

[ open to Isaacs ]


Isaac rolls his eyes at nearly everything. “What a boy.” he grins, watching Scott eat, well, like a wolf. “You are an alpha, aren’t you?” he grins, before getting up. “So, i’m moving back in then? It’s settled?” he asked, before sitting in the chair Scott was sitting in a while ago. 

This meant movie bro nights, video games, music and just having another guy around period. “Melissa will sure like this one.” he grinned. “Another mouth to feed, another boy to take care of, greaaaaat.” he smirks.

But, this also means more countless nights of listening to Scott in the shower, or in bed. He missed those nights. He’d had a small crush on his alpha when they lived together, but never admitted it. Never admitted that he liked watching Scott walk around the house in a low towel, hanging on his hips. Isaac couldn’t take it. 

"And as my first official act of living here, I need a shower." he smiled, heading into the bathroom and leaving the door cracked, his member already hard. He could smell his own arousal from the thoughts about Scott, so no wonder that the other could most likely smell him. 

He got into the shower, warm water as he started to “Hmm-” and “Haahhhh-” as he washed his body, fingers roaming here and there. He wondered if the alpha would hear. If the alpha would join? No. Impossible. Isaac shook that thought out of his head, letting it go down the drain, with the scent of his arousal, too, hopefully.

"You’re a boy too." He reminds him, setting the plate aside and nodding. "Yup. Completely settled. And no moving out on me this time, I got used to you helping with the dishes." 

He shakes his head at Isaac’s sarcasm, “She actually will love that you’re back to stay. She was actually pretty miserable when you left- thought she’d done something. Or not done something.” He shrugs, offering a small smile to the wolf opposite him. 

"Go ahead. I’ll just- I’ll, you know. Be here." He offers another smile, picking up his book from the nightstand and thumbing to his page, trying to ignore the pheromones his wolf is picking up on; he puts it down to not being used to sharing his room again, not used to being so close to someone. He hears the water sputter to life and little hums of appreciation from Isaac not long later - he tunes it all out and continues on reading, not wanting to encroach on Isaac’s privacy. 

But, of course, Isaac’s forgotten to take a towel in with him. “Dude?” He calls out, not needing to raise his voice for the wolf to hear him. “Want me to grab you a towel?” 

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"I can- uh- smell that.” 

Alcohol had a hideously obvious scent. He offered him a small smile.

"I’m one of the things you hunt." Stiles had told him all about the Winchesters, he figured now was as good a time as any to try and gain the older brother’s trust.

The fear in Scott’s eyes made Dean recoil. All I need is to start scaring kids like my dad… He backed off and let a semi-casual air float about him once again. The kid did have a point, but that didn’t make his behavior less dumb and ill-advised. Pissing off the wrong person could cause quite a bit of trouble the Alpha, but that was a lesson for him to learn on his own. “Yeah, I guess we are. But that doesn’t mean I’ll kill you without good cause. Which you haven’t given yet, so how about you back off the whole ‘scary hunter’ thing, huh?”

He’s glad when the hunter seems to relax, visibly calming in front of him. It sets Scott at ease, the wolf in his chest settling and allowing him to think clearly. “Right. It’s just- My friend Stiles, he said you guys shoot and ask questions later, so- uh- I was kind of expecting the worst. And I swear, I’m not going to give you a good cause to kill me. I was actually hoping we could work together, that maybe I could even ask you a favor.” 


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Three (two peters and a scootie but omg I want to make a Sarah or Allison or Cosimah from Orphan Black, sue me. )
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     It’s always beautifully simple with Scott, the teenager’s words so gentle, and reassuring, and vibrantly honest in their delivery. His intentions can never be questioned; actions never misconstrued. Everything Scott McCall does and says— it’s completely true to how he feels on the inside. Isaac knows he couldn’t lie, or purposely hurt anyone, even those he doesn’t feel any inkling of fondness for.

     And it’s probably that thought that reassures him the most. If Scott claimed it to be fine, it really was fine. Plain and simple. No falsities or niceties. Just warmth.

     He could bathe in that warmth for days, if the teenager would let him. He could stay here indefinitely, basking in the flutter of contentment as his friend’s chin rested upon his knees. Exhaling a happy sigh, Isaac allows a thin, barely-there smile to toy upon his lips, now confident that his friendship isn’t threatened in any way. He can finally let go again. Go back to the carefree mood that had fled him so quickly only five minutes ago. It’s heaven.

          “I’m glad I make you laugh,” he acknowledges with a hum of approval, eyes flickering shut. It’s the first time anyone has given him a compliment like that, the majority usually all to eager to mention his bright blue eyes, or well-toned muscles. No one ever compliments his personality. No one except Scott. The touch to his ankle emboldens him, its gentle insistence levering him to the world before he can drift too far into his thoughts of insecurity. “I promise I’ll try my best not to. It’s kind of a new thing for me, trusting people.”

     Blue hues blink open, expression sober as Isaac glances at one of the most important people in his universe. He’s not even sure when it happened- how it happened- but it was too late now. He was relying on Scott McCall. And despite the fact that the brown-eyed boy was probably the best possible candidate for exercises in trust, putting himself out there— it still terrified him to his very core. 

          “—but I trust you. And I, uh… care about you.”

     A nervous hand rubs at the back of his neck as his eyes lose contact, opting to focus on the threading of his jeans. 

          “A lot.”

        His eyes flick back up to Isaac’s at that quiet exhale, raising an eyebrow as he catches a hint of a smile. Isaac looks beautiful when he smiles; regal or something. It’s all cheekbones and glinting teeth and a little color and it reaches right up to his eyes, infectious in the way that Scott can’t help but crack a smile back at the ‘wolf. With the other calm again, Isaac’s usual sweet scent returns, no longer overpowered by that bitter, nervous energy, and he’s never going to admit how much he loves the way Isaac smells like french toast and mint and detergent  or something along those lines, anyway.
                 Again, it’s nothing but a ‘pack’ thing. Has to be.

        He breathes a quiet, noncommittal sound in return, eyes flickering over towards the kitchen, in half a mind to get up and cook them both something awful until Isaac speaks again and he’s glad to have a reason to linger here, warm and content on the couch for a little longer. “I know,” he murmurs, tugging his hand away from the teen’s ankle to set it under his chin instead. And he does know. Or at least, knows to a degree. He can understand why it is Isaac is reluctant, scared even, to trust. He imagines there haven’t been all that many people in his life that he could trust. But they’re both surrounded by people they can depend on now, and with time, he’s hoping Isaac will see that. 

       His eyes widen fractionally, breath catching for a second before he nods, composing himself. There’s plenty of things he could say or do, but he opts for the simplest of options; “I trust you too. Implicitly. And I- well, I- Yeah. I care. A lot. Too.” 

        He ducks his head after that, lips curling back into that stupid, giddy smile, cheeks coloring a little. He thinks back to when Isaac had first become a wolf, how he’d blatantly stated his disdain and distrust of Scott, how his sarcastic, rash nature had landed him in trouble over and over again. It’s hard to believe the gentle, warm ‘wolf infront of him is the same person and then he thinks about what Isaac must have been hiding then, what he must have shouldered on his own. 

      “You’re pretty incredible, you know. Lame, sure, but incredible all the same.” 
And yeah, he should really stop. 

We’re one of a kind


[Like dip da dip da dip doowop da doobee doo]

Stiles looked over the shelf of the bookstore, having to stand on his tip toes to see what Scott was reading. He could hardly back out the cover, and from where he was standing it looked like a romance book. The cover was red and the font was rather small, not exactly something he had pegged Scott to read. 
Well, since the whole Allison thing he seemed to be trying new things and he had said when they left the house that he wanted to try something new, experiment, and maybe look outside his comfort zone. Alright so those weren’t his exact words, but Stiles had filled in the blanks as he half listened on their car ride here. 

He was happy to be spending time with Scott, but he still tended to ramble when it came to Allison and he didn’t always tune in when he started talking about bettering himself and what not. It was great, Stiles was happy for the guy, but there was a lot that had to be considered and in all honesty— no matter how great Allison was— he was a little irked that he was trying to be a better person just for a girl.

He kept his mouth shut though, and was happy to support his friend, grabbing books from the dustiest corners of the bookstore to throw at the teen. He hadn’t failed Scott yet, and he wasn’t about to now, especially since he planned to keep this guy’s depressed ass out of the house all day. 

"What’cha got there?" The brunet asked as he rounded the bookshelf and looked over the other’s shoulder. He read a few phrased and then started to mock the words on the page. 
Melissa stared over at the brooding young man, eyes reflecting the moonlight like a pond in the forest—why does it matter where the pond is? Don’t all ponds reflect? Or is this a universe where only forest ponds reflect? Oh I get it, it’s one of those alternate universes— ooooo, aaaaa-,one where everything is the same except for a few small things.” Stiles laughed to himself, nudging the other hard on the shoulder and showing him a handful of books he had gathered. 

"Pride and Prejudice, A complicated Kindness, Pride, Prejudice and Zombies— I really like this one. It’s one of my favorites, you should really give it a read." The younger smiled at his friend as he handed the books over, taking the sappy romance from his hands and putting it back on the shelf. "Don’t start with romance man, it’s going to make you depressed and give you the wrong idea of what a guy is suppose to do in a relationship. These novel guys are always so mysterious and broody— many that’s where Derek got his attitude from. Too much teen romance drama." 
He laughed again and helped Scott to the front of the bookstore, both their arms full of various books and magazines. Honestly it was nice to see Scott back on his feet— he had spend so much time pondering what he had don wrong, and how he could have done this better or changed that it had started to get on Stiles’ nerves. Scott was a great guy— neh, the best guy Stiles knew and he honestly didn’t think that his best friend could have handled the whole situation much better. He had been dealt a bad hand, and without the power of foresight know how his actions were going to shape his relationship was impossible see. 

"Where to next?" The brunet asked as he helped pile the stack of books on the counter, getting a rather nasty glare from the woman behind the cash register. He shrunk a bit at her look, turning around and pushing his back against the lip of the counter before mouthing something to his friend and pulling a face. 

Romance really wasn’t his thing. Sure, he loved a bit of romance in real life, loved to get a little theatrical when planning out a date or a birthday, but reading about it? Just wasn’t his thing. But girls liked romance. And they liked poetry. So he was trying to like them, too. 

Well, he’d already given up on poetry. He was never one to decipher anything overly conceptual or philosophical (which just so happened to be the majority of poetry), and so far, the romance novels weren’t proving to be much better. 

He doesn’t bother glancing up from his reading with each new addition from Stiles, his werewolf reflexes serve him just fine when he needs to snag a hurtling book out of midair. 

"Hm? Nothing-" He’s about to snap the book shut when Stiles’ voice sounds just at his ear, reading the words aloud. "Shut up," He huffs, elbowing Stiles in the ribs, "I was just starting to like that one.” He turns to face his friend, scrunching his nose, “You know I hate zombies.” 

He sighs as Stiles sets the book back on the shelf, he knows he wont miss that one, he also knows Stiles is right; they will make him depressed. Because in a novel, the guy always got the girl. Real life? Or at least, in Scott McCall’s case? Not so much. “You think Derek reads romance novels?” He returns, raising a brow as he scoops up his pile of books from the arm chair and heads to the reception area with Stiles. 

He flashes the lady an apologetic smile, receiving a huff in return, before turning back to Stiles with a shrug. “Don’t really care. I chose this place, so- Anything you wanted to go do? Or see?” They were pretty far from home after all, may as well make a day of it.