But in small moments like this, Stiles Stilinski scares the shit out of me. Like you can totally tell that he’s willing to commit murder right about now. His lips are freaking curling into a snarl because he’s so pissed and his fucking eyes are DEAD. He’s just so done with people pushing him and his friends around. They’ve already lost so much and he’ll be damned if he lets them lose more.

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You’re the one that’s gonna throw up. Can you show the camera what you’re eating?

what if hannibal told cheesy jokes instead of implying cannibalism?


" Scott, You’re my Best Friend 
  Scott, You’re my Brother  ” 


imagine scott and stiles experimenting with different kinds of music to see their effects on him, 

and he gets like intoxicated and some music makes him silly, some makes him broody, ect. 

and some music makes scott really affectionate and he climbs into stiles’s lap and rubs his face against stiles’ 

and some makes him push stiles against the nearest wall and kiss the heck out of him (◡‿◡✿)


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" It was so hard to pretend I was not scared while everyone else was freaking out . So - Would it be unmanly to ask for a hug just so I can make sure you’re really here and alive ? " He asks carefully, aware that it might be weird, that it has been two days already, but he still dreams of it, Scotts cold skin, unmoving chest. 

"Would it be unmanly if I said yes? I think I really, really, need that hug, man.” He’s opening his arms already, beckoning the other to come closer. 



"I’m not an idiot." She shook her head laughing at him. She knew she was naive in a lot of areas of life, that sometimes she saw thinks in black and white instead of shades of grey. Her eyes widened a little at his question and she shook her head. "As a coyote? Nope, never…" She had killed any animal that had tried to come near her. "So do you not want to?"

"I know you’re not.” He slings an arm over her shoulders, beginning to walk, laughing a little as she spoke. “Good. That would just- I mean, no offense - but be insanely weird. And do I want what? To make babies with you?”