[ i got online to rp and just ended up crying about in the flesh. usual monday night tbh ]

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[text] help?

[text] I just ate raw meat

[teat] it was rAW 

Scott McDone in 117


" We can’t hug forever man. Maybe like- touch forever or something. People would totally stare at us though. " He mumbles, grinning at him although Scott couldn’t really see it. 

"We can try," he huffs back, grip tightening. But of course, Stiles is right. Like usual. And he’s becoming annoyingly aware of the way the fabric of Stiles’ sweater is scratching at his neck, not that he really minds, but it serves to prove Stiles’ point all the same. "I’m down with touching forever." He says as he pulls back.

[ I want to do an in the flesh au! anyone game? I will pay you in love ]

[ i just want to cosplay and go to fun conventions but no i must woRK. ]


He is glad that Scott can hold most of his weight as he just melts against the other. ” All the time ? Like- once every hour ? I might get addicted to it, and the withdrawal would be brutal. “ 

Preferably, this would just never end,” he mumbles into Stiles’ shoulder, “No need for withdrawal, that way.” 




scotty your gay is showing


this cap gives me life