Part time student. Full time wolf. Any questions? You'd be better off asking Stiles.


{Teen Wolf RP blog for Scott McCall. Mun 18+}
Can't Go Back



      You can’t change what’s already
        happened. But you can change
        what happens next. He’ll want to
        learn. And you’ll teach him. And
        he’ll be okay.

"I know that. Doesn’t mean I don’t
wish I could change it.”
He nods, “But you’re right. We’ll
make the most of this.” He pauses, 
chancing a glance up at her, 
"Would you be interested? In helping
to teach him, I mean?”



  “I am when it’s about tech. Or art.
   It’s everything else that I usually
   have a problem with.” Like social

   Cos glanced briefly to his brothers
   best friend with raised eyebrows.
  “Yeah. We’re twins. You know,
   in case you missed that.”

    He nods, rolling his eyes a little. 
   "You seriously don’t give yourself
   enough credit.” 

   He leans right back onto his elbows,
   watching the other closely and he
   can’t help the snort that slips
   past his lips at that.

   "Yeah, I don’t mean the resemblance,
   Cos. I mean everything else. Well-
   that too, but really. You guys are just-
           -       - -Stilinski.” 

   And he’s pretty sure he’ll have to
   explain, but that sums it up pretty well
   in his own opinion. 

[ verse only ]



        ❝ Thanks, Scott. I couldn’t do it without you
           guys, though. ❞

       "Well, that is the point of being a pack,” 
        he offers a small smile.
       "Malia growing on you yet?" 



                  ❝ It’s called annoyance, Scott.

                 He squints and scrunches his nose,
                 ”-   — you want me to leave?” 


Lydia could breathe easy knowing that the baby was going to be a wolf, rather than a banshee. It had been so hard for her to cope when no one could provide her with the answers she needed. Though she knew being a werewolf was hard, her baby would have the best support available to it, and nothing less.

That was what made all of this bearable. And at least, too, the child might grow to be able to protect itself, instead of relying on it’s friends and family, like she had had to on more than one occasion.

"Okay," the redhead nodded, taking a deep breath, but quickly coming to grips with the prospect. If it was going to make things easier for their baby, she was going to do it.

Biting back a smile, Lydia placed her hands on top of Scott’s pressing her forehead to his. “In 5 months, she’ll be out here,” the girl looked around after a moment, “Does that scare you?”

"I mean, it’s totally up to you. And I don’t think telling her will make your mom like me any more than she does - although, I don’t think she could dislike me any more than she already does, so-” he shrugs, “-nothing to lose, really. If we tell her, that is.” He can see it already; Lydia’s mom babysitting a toddler werewolf that’s clawing at the furniture or something. There were better ways to find out the truth. 

He pauses, answering honestly. “Yes, that scares me. A lot.” He slides his hand a little lower, feeling the hint of the thrum of a tiny heartbeat if he focuses hard enough. “Does it scare you?” 



     ”Relax, dude. Be happy for once that you’re not a supernatural.”

          “Yeah but- I was supernatural.
           Does that count?” 



"What about me and Stiles?"

            “Well,” he shrugs,
            “he’s always talking about you.”
             That seems like a safe way to
             kick this off. 


She smirks at his words and shakes her head, standing and moving over to the tv. She doesn’t even realise what she;s doing as she sways her hips impatiently, and she barely hears his reaction, but she turns to look over her shoulder timidly anyway, biting her lip as their eyes meet.

"A-are you alright there?" She speaks, her voice small as her eyes wrack over his body, her resolve fast melting away as her gaze met his crotch. She lets out a sigh laced with a moan as she remembers how he felt, how he tasted, and all of a sudden she needs him again, but she refuses to be the one who will start this. She wonders how long they will last like this before they give in, and her eyes dare him to have his way with her.

"What? I- Yeah. Fine. Just- I’m good.” He nods quickly, making a hasty grab for a cushion as her eyes drift downwards because wow, off limits. And then there’s that. That sound that he was sure he wouldn’t be hearing again. Ever. But there it is and the animal within him responds without his permission, letting out a low whine to signal his understanding. Agreement? Something. 

"Megan," he begins, eyes flicking up to the roof, "Let’s just- Let’s just play the game, okay?" 

[ verse only ]


[text] Maybe it’s for the best. 

[text] You wouldn’t have gotten any anyway. 
[text] I thought someone did. It’s not my job to round up lost pups.
[text] Or even lost humans

[text] is this another ‘you’re the runt of the pack’ joke? because they’re not funny
[text] and I’m not some lost pup
[text] or even a lost human so
[text] screw you


   ”The day I find someone who can trace

    my activity, is the day I grow a second
    head. Don’t worry about it.” Hell he
    designed his own computer software
    hiding himself while hacking another
    user was as easy to him as growing
    claws was for Scott.

   ”If it’s Lydia she’ll figure it out. In the
    meantime, probably best nobody
    goes wandering off on their own.”


      “Pretty sure about yourself, huh?”
      He teases, taking a step back. Staring
      over Cos’ shoulder isn’t doing him any
      good, anyway.
      He shrugs, “Didn’t plan on it.” He settles
      on the bed, rolling out his shoulders. 

     "You and Stiles are pretty similar, you know."