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 time of death 4x08

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 Stiles looks up at Scott and smiles weakly, wiping at his eyes to keep fresh tears from rolling down his cheeks. “Yeah… that’s good,” he mumbles, looking down at his socks and taking a shaky breath. “I asked to see you,” he says after a short pause. “I begged them to let you visit… but the doctor said it could trigger a psychotic episode. Y’know. The killing and stuff.”

  Stiles looks up at Scott again, leaning slightly against Scott as he walks alongside his best friend. “I haven’t been outside since I got here,” he says softly, pulling open the door. “They barely let me out of my room… I’m under constant supervision. They don’t carry around a gun anymore though.” Stiles pauses, looking back at Scott. “Probably because I took the guy’s gun when they untied me. I didn’t get to shoot anyone, though.”


Stiles is only telling stories to distract Scott. Maybe Stiles could get out of describing everything.

Stiles doesn’t quite catch all the tears, and it feels pretty natural to Scott when he reaches out to gently swipe a thumb over the shadow underneath Stiles’ eye. Personal space had never been an issue before and he just hoped it still wasn’t, now. He nods, “They told me. It’s- That’s exactly why they said I couldn’t see you, I- I think your dad has something to do with why they gave in. He can be scary when he wants to, you know.” Not that he was complaining; after weeks, they’d finally let him in, albeit for a short, covertly supervised visit, but still. Progress. He’s quiet at the killing comment and he can’t quite mask the light shiver at the way Stiles talks about that. Only once they’re outside, does he respond.

"That wasn’t you Stiles. The Stiles know pees on sandcastles and makes really, really good gingerbread and gives the best hugs.” And yeah, he is subtly asking for another hug. His eyes flick over to the guard scowling over at them and he can’t help ducking his head in submission, feeling as though he’s misbehaved somehow. “How do you- Doesn’t that freak you out? Being watched like that all the time?” He can’t help the quiet laugh at the way Stiles says that. 

"I’d probably want to shoot these people too, but bud. No.” 


Stiles still isn’t solidly convinced that Scott is right. But what he’s saying makes sense if it is right. Because Derek’s life is kind of notoriously crappy and he probably wouldn’t know how to accept a good thing. And Stiles could totally be a good thing for Derek. He’d be awesome. If Derek let him. If he did actually want him.

"I can’t exactly promise something furry or evil won’t eat me, but it’s not like I’m a dude who gets over people easily. So. If he did, you know, whatever, he’d be pretty stuck with me."

Stiles dropped his head on Scott’s shoulder and sighed.

"Can I help? The working on that thing? Cause I mean, baby Derek is hot and all but I kind of miss old, broody, stubbled Derek.

He hooks an arm over Stiles’ neck, pulling him into a headlock as he roughs up his hair with a laugh, “I can promise you that I’m not going to let anything furry or evil eat you. I need you too much for that to happen. Maybe when school’s over- maybe then you can go off and be eaten.” He’s joking, obviously. He’s developed a kind of dependency on Stiles (which probably isn’t all that healthy) and he has no doubts that it’s a lifetime thing. He needs Stiles; his best friend and brother, and he’s pretty sure the other feels the same. They balance each other out, keep one another from completely losing the plot each month when some new terror takes up residency in Beacon Hills.

He shrugs, “Probably. You’re the best at researching these sorts of things- I bet you’d figure it out before any of us. And I miss him, too. This Derek’s too… sassy. Too much like you.”  


they cuddle and tell each other stories and stuff (*・∀・*)


a rly rly rough sketch i will def finish BUT a sciles lacrosse co captains au

or any jock au idk!!!!!!!!! sciles *u*

I love you. You’re my best friend in the whole world.

[[ I’m in the library at uni studying, and first of all, you’re not meant to eat in the fucking library, and secondly, there’s this dickwad fuck face sitting opposite me eating this fucking food and every single fucking mouthful he slurps and chews with his mouth open and then wipes his face and I’m about to punch his fucking fat face fuck you fucking library eater and your fucking stupid smelling food I will murder you fuck I’m angry  oh and now his snorting and snotty and fUCK ]]

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  • [text] They know.
  • [text] I know everything.
  • [text] OH FUCK OH FUCK
  • [text] Make sure you’re alone- I don’t want anyone else seeing what I’m about to sent you.
  • [text] I accidentally sent it to the wrong person, help?!
  • [text] We need to talk
  • [text] I don’t want to talk about it
  • [text] The bed is definitely broken beyond repair…
  • [text] Delete my number
  • [text] Either way I’m going to make you scream my name by the end of the night
  • [text] Come over in the next 5 minutes, or not at all
  • [text] Stop ignoring me and pick up your phone
  • [text] I th  unk drink? Help me can home?!!!!! :xx)
  • [text] You free tomorrow?
  • [text] You left your shirt and I’ve been wearing it all day, so now it’s mine
  • [text] I don’t think you understand just how big his dick is!!!
  • [text] Thanks to you, the new neighbours now know my name xxx
  • [text] If I said that I was wearing nothing but an apron and was armed with strawberries and whipped cream, how quickly would you come into the kitchen?
  • [text] What’s the dress code?
  • [text] Black, red w/ lace or  sheer white????
  • [text] I know you said not to clean your room, but it was filthy- also for future reference, hide that in your sock draw and not under your pillow next him.
  • [text] I hear a celebration is in order?!